The great Mystery of life has been solved!

It’s complex, but not that complex!

It’s unbelievable, cruel and stupid , and we all are living a lie! It took us this long to solve, because we are not what we think we are and not as smart as we think we are!!

Life has little value and if you think otherwise you live in fantasy-land!  We all are here today and could be gone tomorrow for reasons beyond our control!
But there is a reason for all that uncertainty and I am going to show you why, how and by who!!

I really don’t care if you believe what I say here, but this is who we are and what life is about  — like it or not!

We are just an Alien creation to entertain themselves!
A race so powerful, that they are here in our world, in a parallel dimension invisible to our eyes and can interact and manipulate us at will! They control everything here — weather, earthquakes, all life, diseases, science, politics, religion, UFO’s, ….., as they also control the universe — geocentrism gives it away!
The evidences are everywhere, for those with eyes, ears and problem solving abilities! Do you have what it takes??

Do you want to know:





Read on with an open mind and prepare to be awaken — if you still can!
Because all that you know is a lie, all of science is a lie, all religion is a lie!
laugh all you want –the joke is on you too!

This are science based facts, not cartoonist hypothesis, like most of the so called science!

We have all been deceived by an incredible powerful and smart parallel world!
Someone went out of their way to create this charade we call life and deceive us into thinking we are something we are not, just to entertain themselves.

So much that they take pride into what they have achieved and see us as a dumb toy race, too easy to deceive and manipulate, and too lazy and too weak to fight back and solve what is a rather obvious mystery — the game should have solved sometime ago, as far as they are concerned and that is why they are expediting the process and making it even more obvious than before! By failing to understand who we are and what life is about, we are unable to play the game of life properly and suffer terribly because of it!

None of you is living to his/her full potential and you have no idea what that even is/means!

Life is a game, that opposes us to an invisible adversary, where they are to deceive us in all areas and if successful, they gain permission to punish us within certain limits! This are cruel and heartless creatures, created just to play this stupid game! They are  smart and powerful, but have limitations and the game has rules! The rules are not given, as it is part of the game for us to uncover them, on a ridiculous and painful process of trial and error! 

We humans are all Living a lie and we are all stupid and then some!
Please read on, so I can show you how stupid you are and why you have been manipulated by a stupid exterior force all your life.
Force that was created to play a game with you!  Game that  involves deceiving and making you believe in a reality that isn’t real and a “you” that is not what you think it is!

All of you are mind blocked and steered in one direction in life, direction that is away from the truth and to make fun of you. All you believe and all you do is wrong and you are not as smart as you think –you are not smart at all, as I will show you! And not because I am that smart, I was just able to brake the block imposed on us by those sons of bitches that invisibly rule this world and by doing that got incredible revelations and was able to put together the unbelievable puzzle game they play on us. You all have the ability to be smarter than you are and some of you can be rather smart in one area –area that they choose you for a role and unblock your understanding in that area and even guide and help you to be smarter! That special intuition and special awareness in an area, is there on purpose and by design  –they need clowns to make the game entertaining for them and believable for us!!
That force that micro-manages life in this joke we call Earth, isn’t that smart either and isn’t who created us –but how would you know that, if they have been able to outsmart you and play with you like a yo-yo!!..From nutrition, to disease, from feelings, to fears and relationships, from economics to politics, religion to wars, from technology to housing and transportation, everything you see and believe, is not what you think it is and is either wrong, or there to punish and make fun of you –YES , you are that stupid!!

I am going to show you:
Why you get sick?  It’s a penalty, yes, a penalty for being ignorant and lazy!
Why you can’t control your mind?  It’s not really yours and unless you understand why and how it works, you have zero control over it!
Why  you and everyone else hears voices and has unwanted thoughts and feelings, or has dreams/nightmares?  It’s all from an exterior force, playing a stupid game on you!!

Why do we age prematurely and mostly in visible areas? It’s a penalty and a way to make you think and force you to play the game properly –unfortunately you don’t even know you are in a game and how to play it — yes, you are that stupid!
Why do we have a world governed by evil people?  They are being used and are too dumb to tell and you are too dumb to know how to stop them!
Why it feels good to a join a cause whatever it may be (helping the poor, saving animals, the planet, etc.)?  It’s a way to keep you stupid humans busy, because the problem was created just to entertain/punish you, and will never go away unless you understand why it happens!
Why relationships go bad and seem to be a bad choice, after going well for awhile, or looking so promising?  It was a set up from the beginning and the problems are always punishments for your ignorance and to make you think!
Why UFO’s only appear sporadically and to a selected few? It’s a show off and a wake -up call, and nobody gets it, even the so called science!!

Why you feel a very strong force pulling you to look at something you even trying to avoid — like looking at a pretty woman, event, etc? How can it be evolution — imagine your mind wanting something you don’t!

What about those cravings for something you know are bad for you and you are trying to avoid?  Evolution they say!

Read on and learn something — you may even get it and be able to free enough of your mind to fight back and understand who you are, why you are here and what is the real purpose of life, what will help us all free ourselves from this despicable nonsense, you idiots call life!


About the author:

I claim to have solved the great mystery of life, something that the supposed great minds of today and past haven’t been able to even come close to!
And I didn’t pull my theories out of a hat, or tried to find/fabricate evidences to support my preconceived ideas, like most in the scientific community, or in the alternative research world!
All my findings are based on real investigations, logic and by following scientific methods. All done without much support — besides a collaborator, that I used in tests and to verify my conclusions.

It will be easy to discredit me as just another creative clown, after all there are plenty of them with baseless theories, the problem is that my theory can actually be verified by anyone that is willing to do a proper investigation and has some problem solving abilities, and my theory also explains all aspects of our life and world!

I also have  more research work and other projects that can attest to my problem solving abilities!

From nutrition,  fitness, house construction and  politics, my solutions are on the vanguard of human development and are guided by the other side!
When I went into religion/spirituality/super-natural,  I didn’t believe in a real God, or that anything was there, besides a lot of imagination and some bad opportunistic people. My attitude going in was simple, I will go where evidences lead me and if there is a God, I want to find out who he is, even serve him —  if that’s his desire, or get to the bottom of the all thing, or die trying!
That is why, when I found evidences for a supernatural creature called Jesus, I decided to become a Christian full time and a missionary/pastor and more. What allowed me to experience a myriad of supernatural events,  from signs — that I received, to perform miracles, interact with the supposed spirits/demons/angels and “have”some super-powers, all the way to experience the unbelievable power of knowing some of the things to come in prophecy.
All of them to find out later, that they were there to fool and test me, in an unbelievable game of hide and seek, created by a super-race in a parallel dimension and to be used as a stepping stone, to understand the great mystery of our life!!

Laugh all you want, but if you don’t get it yet, keep searching and if you have the guts to take the right steps, you’ll eventually get to the same conclusions!!
The hardest part in the all process is that we don’t control our mind and are very easy to manipulate/convince by those that created us, anyway they want — and on top of that, they want you to follow some steps –the right steps to be able to raise your awareness, at what point they will reveal to you parts of the mystery  and expect you to put it all together and move to the next step/test! I don’t pretend to be smarter than some of you, I just took the right steps, had the right attitude and had a diet that allowed me to free some of my brain  power! The reason why some really smart people such as Newton, Tesla, etc., never got close to the truth, was because they didn’t took the right steps and wanted to do it their way!!

Here is the depressing and unbelievable answer:

We were created by ALIENS to play a cruel, stupid and unbelievable game!

ALIENS so powerful and creative, that they have created us and the universe just to play a game to entertain themselves.

This are crazy, cruel,  and very, very, very powerful creatures — so powerful, that they can exist in 2 dimensions and be invisible to our eyes — but only when they want to. They also can create something out of nothing, make matter act anyway they want and create diseases and much more at will.

They also can tell the future somehow — what defies our understanding and can interact with our dimension at will without us noticing it, to the point that we have one of them living within each one of us all our lives and we can’t tell that something is there, or think that  it is part of our nature — thinking it’s our soul, spirit, conscience, etc.

They created/inspired religion and other garbage that they push/program in our brain, just to hide their identity and play cruel, foolish games with all of us. They micro manage everything in our world, from the weather and earthquakes,  to our emotions,  fears, the economy, politics, our technological advances, wars and more! And all in a way that is hard for us to perceive.

The game is for us to be able to realize that they are there, that there is more to life than it meets the eye, using the small clues that they give us in all aspects of our lives.

They continuously test us, tempt us with stupid crap, stupid addictions and punish us for failing stupid unwritten rules we don’t know exist, most of them make no sense at all and were created just to test us!  Because we fail at most tests, we suffer a lot of pain and misery and fail at the game of life.

All of us have  failed at the game of life so far and those that get what appears to be a free pass or easier life, only get that to suit their perverted social/political plans.

Get all the details below:


Life is just a complex game that they have devised for us to play, where we are supposed to put together a puzzle of barely perceptible clues, to be able to discover what we really are!  Sad to say the game is so hard, stupid and complex that no one has even come close to solve it!


This characters are GOD to us unfortunately — even if they act more like demons!.

This despicable things are just too powerful for us to defend against unfortunately!

Why a creature so powerful and advanced is so cruel and demonic is beyond belief and logic?

What pleasure does it gives to this monsters to torture a defenseless race like ours?

It’s beyond our comprehension to understand what they are, or where they come from, as it also defies logic and understanding some of their powers!


Unfortunately they designed us so inferior and limited, that they can manipulate and micro-manage us at will, without we even realizing it.

We are so limited, that one of them lives with each one of us full time, and to our shame, no one has been able to recognize that. We call him our soul, conscience, intuition, spirit, sub-conscience and more!

Life is just a game/test/puzzle and it all revolves around them fooling us into believing in lies such as religion, evolution and most science, and giving us continuous problems that they want us to solve, as if it was a test!

Nothing in this world is what it appears to be —- absolutely nothing!!

Only understanding how to play the game of life we could have a healthy, happier life, it seems. Most of the problems in our world today are because we have been unable to play the game properly, game that we don’t even know we are playing.

We think we are intelligent, but in reality we are a pathetic and very limited race, that can’t solve what is a very obvious problem!

The puzzle is not that complicated, only because of the fact that they can manipulate our brain, our feelings and emotions to a certain extent, distracting us and even making us believe lies on purpose to add to the confusion, it gets hard to put together,  but we should have been able to solve it a long time ago.

All of you are living a foolish, ridiculous, purposeless life! They literally make fun of all of you and have you all chasing your tails by living a LIE!   


Religion is a HOAX! There is no God of religion! They were all created/inspired for the purpose of fooling some of us, while being part of a pre-scripted play like game ( play that sometimes is local/regional, or in the case of Bible/Torah/Islam, worldwide) and help hide their identity!
Science is a HOAX! We were created and all science is wrong!

Nothing is what it seems to be! The so called great minds and those out of nowhere ideas and discoveries were all planted! Yes, given to us! And you stupid scientists think you are intelligent?

And all of this that I know and present to you here, was also revealed to me to a certain extent too, even if I have paid a price to get to some of it, by many years of painful and crazy experiments!

 Most illness, accidents, premature deaths, wars and other human misery, are penalties, because of our failure to play the game properly!

We have no way out of this and it’s crucial that we learn how to play the game and fight to have the quality of life and better world, that is out there for the taking!

I don’t like these guys and find this game cruel beyond belief, but we have no choice but to play along. I would be the first in line to declare war and shoot this bastards if I could!

Can we win at this game?

NO, we will all die and this idiots will go on torturing others, or creating new diversions for their pathetic lives!  

No one has even come close to win anything at this stupid game so far,  for that we will need to understand the game better and go out of our way to stop all the lies and garbage that is stopping us from playing it properly!

These are some of the clues that we aren’t alone: These guys have power over matter and can appear in our dimension at will and for whatever reason, or amount of time they want to.

This guys control your mind almost completely!

If you
 really think about it, your mind has some strange and hard to digest behavior! Some of the thoughts that you have are out of your control! Why would your mind make you remember so many things and some you rather forget, and sometimes you can’t remember what is really important to you! Why would your mind pushes things on you like drugs, junk food and other stupid behavior when it should want what is best for you, if it was really your mind! Why suicidal thoughts, that sometimes are unwanted to the point that some people get professional help! What about fears, some that you really don’t have or want to have, but can’t stop feeling them. The only times that you really control your mind, is when you force it to think about what you want to do and sometimes if you really test it, you will see that your mind will be against things that you think are best for you! In a more advanced awareness stage, you can argue with your mind and tell it to shut up and it will, or tell you off too — yes, it’s that crazy, and you are that stupid, just like those so called great minds of the past!

  UFO’s are real, they make them appear/disappear at will and to selected people, some of the videos NASA has can’t be disputed!

Religion really has a magnet and touches those that fall for it, or in most cases are tempted with it! They can make you like, be touched, and feel good about something even if it’s a lie. After you fall for it, they will start to show you the wrong side of that lie, the problems and the contradictions, so you can by yourself leave that religion, or any other crap you join, until you realize they are all lying and they are all wrong. All those are tests for you to solve and move on to the next step/test/puzzle — fail to solve one simple test and you will be stuck in life and receive countless penalties for it, all the way to being killed if they think you are a lost case.

All religions are all full of holes and contradictions built in on purpose, to help you see that something doesn’t make sense and to help you solve the problem, if you are smart and brave!
Miracles are real, they make them! Demons/demonic behavior are just one of them roll playing! Of course they have to make them very sporadic and not too obvious, otherwise the Puzzle would be too easy to solve! This guys are not only powerful, but also very smart!

There are no  real evidences of evolution on purpose! They have left just enough evidences of evolution to make it confusing, but if you really look, it’s very clear that it’s not there!

Medicine is a joke, with them manipulating diseases at will and we can’t seem to understand that those viruses aren’t supposed to be so smart and incurable!
Most illnesses are penalties because of the failed tests and they  can even be on your descendants –what is cruel beyond belief!  Most diseases usually start by allergies, small pains and will increase to terminal diseases, if you don’t stop what you are doing wrong. They literally want you to question why you get sick and change some behavior in your life, at what point the problem will stop or decrease!

Diseases like:

Cancer — will appear when it’s time to wipe you out, either because you didn’t stop what you were doing wrong, or to punish your stupid parents — what is cruel beyond belief.

Syphilis/Herpes/Aids — unapproved sexual behavior.

Cellulite — The more importance you care about looking sexy, the bigger the punishment and the worst you look.

Headaches — warnings about unapproved foods mostly.

Premature Aging —  Mostly shows in visible areas to really punish you and make you wonder and question why it happens. Most premature aging is due to bad foods and bad sleep and is partially reversible if you correct the problem!

They also control Politics –They really write the script for the cruel play that is our world affairs, they raise and defeat nations at will and all because we don’t know how to play the game. This guys made our divisions, the different languages, the different religions, the greed, the racism, the wars and more.

And all our problems have a stupid reason behind them, according to this monsters.

Feelings like love, sex, hate, fear, depression …are all induced by them! You heard right, all of those feelings aren’t natural and that is why they can manipulate them at will, and  why they come and go inexplicably!

That feeling of crying even when it looks stupid and you couldn’t care less, is just one them making you cry and the same goes for that unstoppable laughing feeling, or stupid fear, or feeling down for no reason all of a sudden, suicidal thoughts, doing bad things even when you know it’s wrong!
Once you know that it’s them creating those  feelings and you play the game properly and have the positive energy from passing the tests, the  problems and that negative energy will disappear/diminish and the good feelings will be intensified.
Most of you has had that fantasy “forever love” feeling at the beginning of a relationship, a feeling that in reality you will never experience and if you do, it will be for very short time!
When you  pass the tests, you will experience those feelings regularly, after all they showed you that those great feelings are possible, because they want you to look for them and question the reason why they just disappear after awhile for no apparent reason!

They even give you that wonderful feeling of being a parent as a thank you, for your help in raising their next generation of victims — it’s That cruel, like it or not!

Sleep is mostly a ridiculous test and one of the hardest to pass. There is a reason why if you oversleep you look tired and you will actually age faster and you will have a lot of negative energy if you get up late every day.  They make it hard to get up because they are testing you and your will. They usually want you to get up once you wake up.
Dreams are just them playing with us. these guys do not need to rest like us, so they entertain themselves by running a video on your head!
If you haven’t passed the tests, those dreams can be harassing nightmares and if you have those early in the morning, it’s because you should have gotten up already.
Once you pass those tests, dreams become always good/neutral, if you remember them at all!

There are many other clues that make no sense, that should have helped us question our reality, such as: hypnotism, sleep walking, shaman type super-powers, schizophrenia, super-strength powers,…..! 

Get more details below! 

Most of you won’t understand what is said here, because they will block you from understanding and in your brain they will raise doubts and confusion, just like they do in other areas of your life and all of that because you aren’t passing any of the tests. Once you learn how to play the game of life properly and pass the basic tests of good eating and proper sleeping, what I say here will become clearer to you!
All I ask, is for you to exam all information and analyze it using logic and the scientific method. If it doesn’t add up, it’s not true.
You must take this has a real test, forgetting about the lies and preconceived ideas they have fed you.

We are on the path to ARMAGEDDON, unless we stop this stupid game called Jesus (the lying, murder, thief, child murder and abuser, war monger, evil cartoon like figure that doesn’t exist!…. It’s all a big lie to test and subject us to an evil plan, if we fail to act),………. if we  renounce such trash for what it is, it has no validity, or power over us!

There is no heaven, or hell, or anything in between!
If anything life is the real HELL!

How can we believe in a God of Religion, when it’s very clear the all thing is a HOAX and is full of garbage. Bible based religions are pathetic!  How can we follow a Despicable God that claims to be a demonic figure;  writes or inspires a  stupid book full of errors, lies and contradictions — all of them on purpose, to show how dumb you all are and how easy to fool!

When you believe any religious garbage that they feed and tempt you with, you’re subject to whatever rules that religion has. Because they make you follow those stupid rules, you’re subject to unspeakable pain and misery when you fail to follow those ridiculous rules and regardless if you fail or not, they will  just punish you for following such garbage.

 How can you follow a plan that calls for you to be miserable and not worry about your life here, when this is your only shot at life and the all game is for you to be strong and fight those crazy challenges?

How can Catholics follow a stupid religion, that clearly states in the 2nd commandment (that their scum leaders chose to hide, along other clear lies, that would discredit their evil religion), that if you have and worship images, a curse will be upon you and your innocent children and grandchildren. A curse so real and cruel, that is the reason why all Catholics are miserable in all aspects of life. If are Catholic, you have received a curse from your stupid parents, or grand parents —  that’s why your jobs, businesses, relationships, health, is so miserable!

Science is not any better with their garbage theories and made up evolution theories, based on Pigs teeth and other garbage. You have also been fooled and have felled for all the garbage they have tempted you with. From the way they explain life and human behavior, to the way our planet functions and to our health, they are wrong.
We must stop this nonsense of eating garbage, GMO foods that aren’t to be consumed and take other garbage that poisons our body. We must stop this nonsense of taking vaccines that only cover what is a simple warning, that we are doing something wrong and by covering it up, we let the problem escalate to a serious health condition, ruining our lives forever.

We must stop this stupidity of living in dangerous disposable homes, when we have the technology to live in fireproof, quake proof and weather safe homes.

We must stop the nonsense of driving disposable tin-can death trap cars, when we have the technology to have a car that would prevent 90% of the injuries and deaths we have now.

We must learn what the rules of the game are and literally never get sick.

You heard right, if you have been condemned by the medical community, or you have a incurable (for them) disease, listen carefully to what I say here, practice it and your problem will go away —  at least in those cases that aren’t already too advanced.

Look up Bernando Lapallo on YOU TUBE, this guy is 113 years old and has never been sick and all because he knows how to play the food game.

If you need coaching, just send me an E-mail.

Our only hope is that by learning the rules of this STUPID GAME OF LIFE, we can have a chance at some control of our destiny and even there, they seem to make things extra hard and we are ALL guaranteed a life full of problems and continuous challenges, which seem like torture no matter how you look at it!

Maybe we should pray, that some how another dimension  will give this despicable bitches that rule over us  a piece of their medicine.

Has you can see I’m not here to be nice, sugar coat what I know, or  afraid of this bitches  — they actually seem to be afraid of us and ashamed of what they are for some reason — they seem to know that they are bad and unreasonable, and they are the ones that are hiding, not me!

After all, all they can do is to kill me and that may not be a bad thing!

 Life is a test, a simple test-game, created to see how long it would take for us to solve it! 

Your health is a mess because you have failed the test!

Your love life is a mess because you have failed the test!

Your sports performance is a joke because you have failed the test!

You are a criminal, a pervert, a drug addict, because you have failed the test!

Your lazy,  procrastinate,  underachieve, stressed, overweight because you’ve failed the test!

These are the major tests:


 You must pass these tests to “succeed” in life!

► You over sleep, failing the test! This is the hardest test and one that we all fail miserably.

► You eat like a pig and what tastes good not what’s good for you, failing the test!

► Relationships must be with approved partner — preferably one they direct you to; no cheating, lying and only natural sex is permitted. All the perversions, diversions, unnatural sex is directed by them and bring extra misery and punishments and all because you’ve failed one or more tests. Homosexuality is mostly a form of punishment, either they tempt you with it because you have failed too many tests and once you fall for the temptation, they make you feel that it is a natural thing and part of your nature, or they punish your parents by having you be born with the problem. All children born with health problems, only have their parents to blame for the problem — cruel and despicable!

► Don’t steal, lie,  take drugs, eat and drink garbage, do stupid unnatural crap and treat others as you’d like to be treated, because it will hurt you and your family!

Your sex life is dull and far from what it should be, because you fail all the tests. They sure make you believe in a fantasy love life that you never really experience, because you fail all the tests and you’re under demonic/negative influences. Very few humans ever experienced real love, other than in a few occasions they will selectively let you experience it, to make you wonder why can’t that happen again/regularly and look for answers.

But they sure give enough perversions and problems to torture and harass you, even destroying a relationship that was supposed to be so good, even taking you to fall for unnatural actions, adultery, perversions, homosexuality and more.

Have you ever wonder why when you fall “IN LOVE” your mind only shows how sweet the all thing is going to be?

— Is your mind just stupid and not in line with reality?

— Is your mind just trying to fool you?

— Or is someone only showing you the good part on purpose and as soon they get you hooked, they start showing you the other side of the relationship and if you’re under the influence of the negative side/demons they will start immediately undoing and destroying your relationship.

This is very easy to verify if you ever had a not so serious relationship, but as soon as you either got married, or got more serious, the problems started, the love gone and you got into a nasty divorce.

Do you really think it was by accident and you just didn’t knew each other properly? Are you that stupid? They just waited for you to get into a situation were you would suffer and then turned the problem switch on!…………….scary, but true!

Have you ever wonder  why can’t sex be as good as your mind showed you and gets boring and even undesirable for no reason?

— Maybe your mind lied, is evil, doesn’t like you, or doesn’t like your partner after all!

— Or maybe you are under negative energy/penalties by failing the GAME OF LIFE and someone is just showing you something special, for you to question reality and search for those elusive feelings that are there somewhere, after all your mind is aware of that!

When you pass the different tests those special feelings and great sexual relationship are there most of the time.

Just these perks should be enough for you to be brave, work hard  to pass the different tests and receive that positive energy and help, not those destructive deceptive demons.

It’s time we cut the nonsense theories — stop the baseless lies— discredit the pseudo-experts, and move on!


Religion is a Hoax!!! Religion was created to confuse and test us — a test you have all failed!!

Religion is just fools kissing ass to a non-existent God, dividing us, creating misery and pain and diverting our attention from the real important issues of life!!

Science is also a HOAX and they too have  failed to solve the mistery of life and keep making a fool of themselves with ever changing garbage theories and excuses, and all of them wrong.

They too have failed to solve what is a simple problem and have prolonged our pain with their stupidity.

Life is not what it appears to be and by failing to understand what it’s all about, we have  sabotaged our own lives—– SHAME ON ALL OF YOU, SHAME ON ALL OF THOSE THAT CAME BEFORE US!


It’s time we put the brakes on this miserable world of ours and create a better world for all.  This is very simple, if we chose to pull together in the same direction. No more wars, hunger, tyrants.  We have a limited time here and we can’t take with us nothing from here, or is really ours! Let’s become a better race and create a safer and better world for all!

 Time to forget everything else in life, until we learn the rules and are able to play the game properly;  otherwise we’re wasting our time and setting ourselves for a lot of problems and unnecessary pain.  Life is hard knowing the truth, without knowing it, is foolish and stupid!

Who are this things?

Being one creature with many followers, a group of creatures with a common plan, a central figure or race from yet another dimension, that has created our world and this other dimension  is irrelevant for now, what is clear is that they are many, they are unbelievable powerful and they have complete control of our body and our world.

 It’s also irrelevant who created them, when and why, because it’s beyond our limitations and has no value to us at this stage.

By having complete control over matter as we know it, they can create something out of nothing, so creating  us, our world and manipulating everything we see, must be an easy thing for them.

Even if it appears to be ONE GOD and many others, with a well defined power structure, it’s impossible to real know more details at this stage, because of them being invisible to us.

I would say that they claim to have other experiments like us and claim that they all have gotten to the truth sooner than us.

All I want is to get to know the basics and how to use that knowledge to improve our lives. Knowing something for the sake of knowing it, without any real use for it, is an exercise in futility and a waste of our precious and limited time here. It’s time we concentrate in what really matters and use our knowledge to better our lives.

 I have questioned all, everything, everyone and then some, I expect all of you to do the same.

My conclusions have no value if you can’t verify them by following the same steps and  get to similar conclusions. This is a totally scientific discovery, confirmed by the findings and experiences of others, that have  assisted me on my investigation, not only to confirm my findings, but also to conduct similar experiments, that have led to the same conclusions.

I also investigated many cases of supernatural behavior and claimed powers in countless others. I  practiced and investigated different  forms of spirituality and supernatural powers, and become involved in Christianity, to the point of experiencing what the first disciples claim to have experienced and have studied the behavior of many others that have done the same. I  used myself as a test dummy, to great personal pain and suffering and even if i can see that after some point they chose to reveal to me some of the more complicated aspects of the game, i do not intend to sugar coat what I’ve found and will describe everything as i see it and call them for what they are.

Only the truth interests me, nothing else. I can see that if we would live life properly, we could have a real fun, peaceful and pleasant world, But this guys can be cruel and despicable beyond understanding and even if they impose a lot of rules and morals, they seem somehow disconnected from our reality and the pain we endure.  I suppose some of us would be the same way, if we were in their side, with all those powers and capabilities — some of the trash we have indeed seems to be a clone of this beasts.

 It’s very clear that they have at least one, maybe  two of them in charge of each one of us, with complete access to our brain and able to manipulate all of our bodily functions at will.

It’s hard to say if we have one negative presence and one positive [demon/angel], or if we have one creature/presence that we influence/charge negatively, or positively by passing the diferent tests we are subject to.

Or even if we have one permanent creature that has limited room to maneuver and is limited by he various tests we are presented by other creatures and when we fail that creature either has no choice but to punish us, or can’t interfere in the punishment. It does appear that the permanent creature tries to warn us by signs and give us a sense of guilt, or wrong doing in some situations. 

Your body is a host for a Super-Been!

The One that manages each one of us, answers to others and behaves differently from others in charge of other people, or he is given a different role to play, besides having a different script to follow.

 The One that manages each one of us, doesn’t live in another dimension and just controls us by some unknown form of communication. He lives with us and either joins us at birth or sometime later, but he is there all along, from a certain age until we die.  We have no soul, conscience, sub-conscience  and we control a very small amount of our thought process and have a limited use of our will.  All we have is a foreign creature controlling us from another dimension, living within you and following you around, or most likely making you follow Him around.  

 At times it appears that other creatures are present, or advising on what to do, or even helping Him in a more difficult case, of what He/They had plenty with me, but most of the time it appears to be only one creature interacting with you.  

 Because we can’t see them, it’s not easy to prove if it’s only one, always the same one, or even if it’s just some presence beyond our comprehension. Just like they choose to reveal to us some of their presence with UfO’s and other selected events,  they have also allowed me to have a peek at their existence, or what they wanted me to see of it — of a body within our body.  I also had enough experiences to confirm that He is always there and  is always the same, or acts the same, Something that is in line with what others have experienced.

 This creature may not be our friend, but it sure seems to help us when we pass the different tests and tilt the balance of energy to positive. The tests seem to be done by what seems like evil-demonic creatures that will come to you at various times of the day and tempt and harass you, even if very subtly at times. And if you fail what sometimes is a stupid, childish and senseless test, they will make you pay for it.

If you’re having a bad day, a bad life, or even one that may look good, but in reality you’ve been made a clown, or you’re stuck in a hole, a dead end career or situation, it’s all an out of this world creation.

We are no more than slave-toys for what seems to be  a senseless, valueless world. 

Regardless of how it is done, it’s clear that if we pass the different tests,  things will be  positive, we’ll be healthier, have more energy, be more productive and in control of our body and life, and may even get some extra help from Him/Them.

On the other hand when we fail the tests, everything else falls apart in our life, from health, to work, to level of energy, to relationships.  Everything is either empty, half empty, frustrating. inexplicably hard and meaningless.

On top of that, they will make us part of their overall plans of mass destruction and  pain, by involving us in wars, accepting political and social nonsense and more. Life can be really frustrating and it’s all their fault, even if they claim it’s all ours!

It’s time we fight back, play better, live better. Regardless who is behind the all thing, it’s very clear they want us to be fighters, protect ourselves and even win, if we’re willing to pay the price.


Science is all a lie 

Even the few good things in life come with strings attached to them. Things like procreation, that can be rewarding, or seem that way [ because they give us those special feelings], for them it means continuation, because in reality we are just breeding and caring for the new group of victims and it’s also an opportunity to get us into more problems. Once we pass the different tests even our relationships and love life, is taken to another dimension and level of satisfaction, as long we do it within their rules.

 There is a reason why you rush into relationships only to find out a few days later you made a big mistake, or that suddenly there is no attraction, They push you and they can push really hard, making it almost impossible to resist the temptation AND ONCE YOU FALL FOR IT, THEY START WORKING ON UNDOING IT. The same goes for those business decisions and things that you buy on impulse, that are just them playing with you and setting you up for failure. On the other hand when you’ve passed the different tests, all of those take a turn for the better and they will help you succeed at them.

“I can’t believe i got myself in this mess”, has a very simple explanation and it’s not Your mind that  wants you to fail in life.

NEVER RUSH INTO ANYTHING, NEVER!! …THEY ARE JUST PUSHING YOU, FOR YOU  TO OVERLOOK  POTENTIAL PROBLEMS AND SETTING YOU UP FOR FAILURE.  Thread lightly, examine everything carefully and make sure you have their approval before proceeding!

The explanations for  this problems from everyone, from science to religion, are equally laughable for them, certainly!

No, your mind doesn’t talk to you, or has intuition and can think on is own outside of your will, or even wonders in dreams, or fools you into unwanted situations; it’s all their presence and your ignorance.

If you can meditate, if you have been involved in religion and understand how the “spirit” talks to you, if you ever had a talk with yourself, if you practice positive thinking, you can easily learn and program yourself to talk with your Guest [or is it the other way around?], the super-creature within you.

They have complete power over matter, at least in our dimension. You heard right, They tell matter what it should do, as unbelievable as it sounds. Science already knows that and religious people that have experienced miracles also know it.

They’re ability to know the future is beyond our comprehension, even if mostly they have a script, that they follow and make you follow. Once you learn how to communicate with them, you will be able to experience that unbelievable look into  the future, in selected cases that they chose to reveal to you.

Religion is a HOAX of unbelievable proportions!

  They have created religion to confuse and control us, but at the same time, to reveal us part of their plan and TEST US.  A test you have all failed!

Those that they choose to be religious. Yes, they choose some to follow religion and those are given a certain set of needs, feelings, experiences, that leads them to turn to a God, a higher power.

From a set of problems [like in my case], that is followed by answered prayers, miracles and other supernatural experiences, to make you believe that something is there. It’s unreal how they can make religion interesting for the rest of your life if you fall for it; by having always something exciting going on at your church, or level of spirituality and by touching you with the various sermons, speeches and books you read. This guys are masters of deception (ever wonder why preachers and politicians seem to have a natural talent to lie, persuade and fool you? Now you know why!)

At the same time they want you to question your beliefs, they want you to question what you find and experience. If you turn to religion and investigate it properly,  you will find many unanswered questions and problems, that should have led you to question your beliefs and look for answers, or alternatives to what you’re doing.

The bible for example has many errors, lies, contradictions (over 1000 by one account —  just do a web search on it, and even books have been written about it) and that should have led you to question it and dispute that God.

Sadly most are either  too lazy, to conduct a proper investigation, or too afraid to ask the right questions and end up settling for such blatant, baseless lies.

If this guys wanted to have a flawless religious book, that shouldn’t have been a problem.

All religions are full of baseless lies, errors and other  problems on purpose!

Some religions and even cultures are more relevant than others, depending on their design and plan, with some being not more than landscape, to fool us and make it appear an unorganized world.

 Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Hell, Heaven, Demons, Angels, etc., are all fictitious and have been all created to sell the big religion lie, hide their identity and  test us.

I can’t prove if there is after life or not, even if they claim there isn’t. I certainly would love to see a review of everything we have done here, to see the clown figure that all of you play [yes, mine too] and that of previous generations. It certainly would make for some great entertainment.

Many times i asked to be taken to the other side, to be able to see the show  and even to swap places with Him, to see if He liked the bullshit he was putting me through – it got that crazy!!

  Shame on all of you, that use religion for personal gain and even knowing that something isn’t right, continue to preach lies and steal from your fellow human. You have to buy into that garbage and they give you enough understanding for you to know that you are doing something wrong. Ultimately shame on those that support those fools. It took me less than 5 years to find out, that Christianity was a HOAX. It took me that long because of the fools before me and those that have been there for many years, that are too stupid and cowards, that are afraid to contest such blatant lies.

 I got beaten, threatened, expelled from a radio station, thrown out of churches head first, made fun off, sued and more, because i refused to be lied to and be  insulted by such blatant and ridiculous fools.

 Not only the biblical promises never come to pass completely, but it also describes very clearly that the supposed SATAN, works for God, was created by God and God can control him at will. It also says that the all thing is directed by God — THE ALL THING –So God is Evil; yes, even the bible say that God plays the role of Satan, or tells those that play it, what to do.

What part of that is too hard to understand  for you pseudo-scholars?

Even that stupid book, says that we are supposed to test everything, so why don’t you do it? I did it and found that Jesus didn’t pass my test and easily found him to not even exist and whatever was sold to me was a liar and a despicable creature of the worst kind, what is in line with the evil side of the game of life!!

I always resisted doing some of the things that They wanted me to do, while deeply involved in Christianity, but i still lied to a lot of people and was made a fool for longer than i should have, what i’m ashamed of.

Some religions and denominations are so pathetic and baseless that you must be really stupid and  blind to follow them. If you can’t solve what is a very small problem and see how ridiculous it is what you are following, you really deserve to be made a fool. It’s time to wonder why so many bad things happen to you!

They will answer some of your prayers, but only to fool you in continuing talking to a fictitious god, and make a fool out of you. All answered prayers, are followed by more, and more problems, usually worst than the first, but they balance those problems with an occasional answered prayer, to keep you confused and grounded.

The one you pray to, is the one that lives within you, and He loves that kind of garbage. He can make himself look so “Holly” that isn’t funny, but only until you uncover Him and the holiness changes to a more personal interaction, similar to what happens between two people. My interactions with Him were just unreal.  Supposedly others would laugh at him in those unbelievable interactions!

Religions are nothing but criminal organizations responsible for most of the pain in the world, even if science is equally stupid and foolish most of the time is the scum involved in religion that creates all of our problems.

They may claim that they help the poor, or build hospitals, but they are the ones responsible for us having the poor and the sick, because instead of us been directed to play the game of life properly, these idiots have directed us to accept being helpless and  pray to a non-existing God.

The first Jews where as dumb as they were made to be, not only they must have failed all tests they faced, the idiots allowed ridiculous and unfounded laws to be imposed on them, and suffered much throughtout history.  So much for been special and have a personal God when they are made such fools. From there the stupid Christians and later the Muslims, are all shameless idiots, unable to see that they are been used to play a stupid game!

It’s time we treat religion for what it is —  nonsense and garbage and eradicate that cancer from our world.

Praying is not only useless, but it’s also bad for you, because it’s a form of submission and weakness. Once you make that wrong turn, they got you where they want you.

Cursing is better than praying!

Being strong, assertive, even mean, cursing,  but being honest and truthful with your Guest/adversaries is always better than whining, playing helpless or doing nothing.

Remember this Creatures are  not your friend and are just waiting for you to slip, to screw your life up really bad.

All tests/temptations can easily be defeated with strong assertive language, backed by equally decisive actions for as long as it takes. Don’t take nothing in life too serious, as that is part of the game, when you take something too serious, you’re just giving Him/Them ammo to test and attack you. Remember it’s just a game!!

Positive talk – affirmative, nagging talk, works because you are just telling him what you want and if you do it long enough, He may even help you with what you want, if it falls within his script. If it doesn’t fall within is script, forget it, or be willing to pay the price for it.

 Remember He/They have to answer for their actions to someone.

If it works even without knowing what you are doing, imagine what you can achieve, once you know what are the rules


 Because they have a complete view of all your actions and will move the pieces in front of you accordingly, to add to the confusion, it gets a little complicated, but not that complicated. You have to allow them to play the HOAX. You have to fall for it. They can’t  AND WON’T make you do what you don’t want to do, if it’s bad for you. If it’s a good thing [yes, they give you good things too]  they will push it for years and will never let you get anything to replace it, what makes some sense and is reasonable.

They give you enough signs and understanding for you to be able to solve the puzzle!

You won’t believe the problems and obstacles i had to solve and clear to get to the truth, just an unbelievable sequence of events that i had to respond to. Something so crazy that it could easily have gone wrong. But the crazier they got, the crazier i got, something that even surprised them, provided them with a lot of entertainment and because i was able to do to them things that have never been done, i got myself  unnecessary problems,

It’s fun when you pass a difficult test and He never does it to you again, or even wants you to do it again, something that i would do, just to see how far i could push Him. it was a big fight at times. The stuff He would do to stop me was just unreal, painful, and ridiculous.

They will laugh with you, or even without you; that unstoppable, sometimes embarrassing laughing feeling, isn’t your system acting on you, IT’S HIM!

Science is all a lie — you go to school to learn lies!

Those that they choose to lead to science, are given a different set of circumstances and experiences, to make them deny all religion, God or creation and look for alternative answers and solutions in other areas; anything that will disproof God is good and while some will acknowledge that some special power must have been involved in creation, because they can’t come up with any other reasonable explanation [and they are given some real creative ones – that special intuition they say!!], but they will still deny the existence of the god of religion, or even a super creature that controls us.

The science crowd is given enough evidences, for them to see that they are doing something wrong. Something is out there beyond their understanding, that seems to be playing with them, but they are so blinded, that they just keep looking for the next discovery that will solve it all, keep making up excuses why there hasn’t been any progress, without realizing that they are being fooled.

In the case of medicine is absolutely embarrassing what’s going on, with them literally enable to cure anything, other than a few selected symptoms to add to the confusion.

If you have some form of incurable disease in the first stages, you can easily beat that disease, by understanding why you got it and by changing what you’re doing wrong, it will simply disappear.

Diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, can easily be defeated if you’re willing to pay the price.

One of the things they don’t want, is for you to shut down and literally retire or bail out of life. You must stay active and continue  playing, if you want to die of old age and of natural causes.

Otherwise  they make you go through shame and a lot of pain, or just simply turn you off.

They can make the earth look old, but at the same time young. They can make we look like having evolved, but have hidden all evidences of it. They can make viruses play games with us, diseases appear out of nothing, create new diseases has if our bodies were just a self-destructing act. [this was the reason i decided to get to the bottom of this or die trying!……. My diet was so rigorous and extreme, that i wouldn’t accept getting sick].

 They can make you age prematurely, literally in a matter of days and the more you make a case out of it, the worst it gets. They want you to question it, look for answers, wonder what has gone wrong with your body, solve what is a real crazy test. If you find the solution or even part of it, what could be just changing your faulty diet, they will remove the problem and will even reverse the process.

Just unbelievable, their plastic surgery and air coloring!

Many things that happen to us make no sense at all and have no scientific explanation such as: Dreams, choking, hypnotism, sleep problems, some incurable diseases, mood swings, stress, ………!

Dreams are not your mind wondering, as if it wouldn’t need to rest too.  “Evolution”, they say!  

What about those dreams about locations you never been to, or seen, or that don’t even exist, or about things you’ve never experienced?  Maybe your mind goes places without you, or has been here before with another body, like some spiritual fools claim!!

 What about nightmares, maybe your mind likes to harass you and doesn’t even like you, imagine that?

 What about sleep walking? Can your mind control you without your consent?

What about stress, depression or suicidal thoughts, is that your mind sabotaging itself?

Wouldn’t your mind want you to live longer and be the best you can be, so it could enjoy it better if it had evolved so much?  And you call yourselves, “scientists”!….More like JACKASS SCIENCE!

 Ever wonder why do you awake in the morning looking tired with puffy eyes?  When you’re supposed to have been resting and recharging your system.

Sometimes you wake up looking and feeling more tired than when you went to bed — the explanations for such illogical  events are out of this world too!

 Most of the premature aging many suffer, is the result of not understanding how God uses sleep, to test and  even punish us. But you bad diet, using drugs and other unapproved uses of your body and even failing in other areas, can have similar results.

There is also a reason why you can’t sleep, even when you’re tired —  you’re doing something wrong, somewhere down the line!

Sleep is the most important test, because if you fail at it, all others tests are harder and almost impossible to pass.


This is a test that many successful people already practices well, even not knowing why it works. When you start the day early, very early, you will have a long, but otherwise good, productive day.  But if you over sleep, or just sleep more than what He decides you should, you’ll look tired, age prematurely, and will have a less productive, more challenging day, that may even seem longer. 

  The hours are going to be different from one to another, but going to bed earlier will help you getting up earlier.  If you’re a little drowsy, you can always take a nap after lunch, something that seems to be approved, but it will all depend of what they require out of you and by examining the results of the different scenarios, you can really get to the right solution for your case.

The right sleeping has never being practiced by anyone, as it is stupid and illogical! They actually want to to stay out of bed certain hours of the night, for what they will wake you up at a certain hour to see if you understand that it is a test –usually they will make you go pee and we all think that it was the reason we woke-up, when it was to stay up for 2-3 hours before going back to bed to wrap it up.

 And if that wasn’t already confusing, they will change the rules once in awhile to keep you on your toes!


If you don’t pass the first test of the day, you have little chance of passing all others. That positive energy that seems to follow those that already practice getting up early, is just Him/Them, opening the doors for you!

 They can make it really hard to get up, but take it as a test and it will go away at some point and many other things will get better because of it. This is one of the reasons why they say the game it’s easy, we are the ones that complicate it, by failing to understand it!

Dreams are  just movies He plays, for some crazy reason, that may just be to kill is free boring time. But can be to harass and punish you, reveal you something, or manipulate you in a certain direction.

It’s interesting how He will give you bad dreams to make you get up and it’s even more interesting, when you understand the game and He doesn’t bother you much with them and will even stop giving you dreams, or just give you good ones; and those dreams can get so real, that you think you’re there — some real 4D experiences.

Other phenomenons, like Choking when under pressure, lead to very creative theories by the pseudo-experts — as if your body would sabotage itself. Those are either a test, or He doesn’t want you to move in that direction, or practice that sport, or even that you’re making serious mistakes in other area and They will make everything hard for you.

He can make sports really challenging for those that don’t stay within His guidelines and are doing something not in His script. Failing miserably when you know you have the ability to do better, Choking, getting unexplained injuries, it’s a clear sign that you better rethink what you’re doing. He can also allow you to excel and even push you beyond what you’re capable. Something you can manipulate/influence by doing what He wants properly and paying the right price.

Those special powers from people that have  seizures and other unexplainable crisis, are not human — as if a sick body would have more powers than a normal one. The same goes for those  very stressful situations, where He decides to give you a hand.

Other phenomenon like Hypnotism also can’t be explained scientifically and is nothing more than them playing with you!

Even sexual pleasure and other sexual behavior is them playing with you, either fooling you into stupid unapproved behavior, as a test  that will cost you dearly if you fail, or just turn it on and off at will, depending on your behavior and if you pass the different tests or not. Love  has a whole new meaning once is approved, all else is stupid, empty, lousy and ridiculous. So many dysfunctional couples and falling apart relationships have a very simple answer: YOU ARE FAILING AT THE GAME OF LIFE!

Of course there are some that they choose to be just spectators, for a  complete balanced act, that really looks half put in place by chance and half created by an intelligent creature. This guys are not only powerful but also smart, very smart! The controlled chaos that we have, is very carefully planned. Throughout my experiences and tests i was able to find how detailed, dedicated and persistent this guys are in creating a simple problem to fool you, or even to get you to move in a good direction. They will literally take years if needed to move you in a certain direction and remind you every day that you should have done this, you should have done that, your making a mistake and so on; annoying and unbelievable.

Shame on all of you that ignore so may signs that something is out there, even NASA has plenty of evidences, including several videos of inexplicable events.  Even after all of that, you continue with your wishful thinking, science fiction and other garbage science, making up  as much ridiculous, ever changing theories as  you can possible conceive.

We have been allowed to have unbelievable technology advances [DIRECTED BY THEM – remember they program matter, to do what they want it to do], what  has  diverted our attention from the real important issues.

It’s no surprise we have improper houses, unable to survive the modest problems that they create [yes, they create the weather and everything else and manipulate it at will.] to test us.

All those that die in fires, quakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, die, because we are too stupid to realize that we need to build safe homes, not the disposable garbage we have. It’s our fault that so many die in such pathetic shelters, not God’s. It’s no wonder they think we are stupid! If a nobody like me, can come to the conclusion that you’re stupid beyond explanation, i can only imagine what they must say about our race!

The same can be said for cars, boats, planes and more.

We must change a lot of things, from teaching the truth in schools, to the way we use technology and knowledge to better our lives.


 Spectators, free loaders, runaways are severely punished [other than those that they choose for that purpose]. 

 Lazy people, thieves, criminals, drug addicts, garbage eaters and drinkers,  other bad uses and mistreatment of the body they have given you, are also severely punished. Regardless of what you think about the rules and what’s right or wrong to our eyes. Remember it’s their game their rules;  play, or get kicked out of the game in shame and in pain.

 They also play a larger game off politics either, local, regional, or worldwide, with Israel being the center of it and without any real winners. Even if they choose different races for different roles, we are all victims of that game, that we choose to make so cruel! It could just be an easy test to pass. 

It’s very clear, that they are now moving the balance of world powers, to set the stage for future wars and if we don’t act, they will do just that, to our shame. 

Wars are a game we have failed miserably!

We are that stupid, for not realizing that something/someone is pushing us to war, testing us with the hate and the problems that lead to wars. We have to buy into all that garbage. They can’t and won’t make you fight anyone, if you don’t want to. They tempt and test you with it,  and you are all willing to fall for it! ——————real smart, real evolved idiots!

It’s also very clear that they manipulate world governments to act as evil, tyrant, greedy people.  Lying, stealing and deceiving those, that have trusted them to govern.

They are led to use their positions for personal gain and the benefit of a few in most cases. This people know very well that they are doing something wrong, but still continue their bad deeds, that ultimately leads to their demise sooner or later, besides getting them other deserved spankings. The same goes for the greedy rich [remember they allow you to become rich], that think that they are special and it’s OK  to steal from others, cause misery, or ignore their fellow human.  They too have their deserved punishments, or even the supposedly “famous”, that are in most cases emptier and more miserable than most.

Regardless of what they choose you to be, stay humble, honest,  truthful and take everything as a test, not only you will avoid problems, but you will be able to enjoy the few good things life has to offer.

Money and power can’t buy sleep, health, peace and happiness for a reason!

Other than being unable to change the past it seems, they have unlimited powers. They have also given us enough control of our limited destiny, that we don’t have to obey them necessarily, as long we pass the different tests and stay within their guidelines.

Some of the things that  may be acceptable  to us, aren’t necessarily acceptable to them, even if they look and sound reasonable.

They have given us a very limited ability to make our own decisions and even after you understand how the all thing works, they will move you within a certain plan and even if you can change it to a point, it won’t be without long arguments and you better know what you’re doing, it’s not easy to persuade God, trust me.

You can’t win and play a game properly if you don’t know the rules and they don’t give you the rules, they make you look for them through a process of tests, problems and punishment. They literally slap you around when you are moving in the wrong direction, for you to stop and think, stop what you’re doing, or change course.

They will give you all the problems, either trough temptation, accidents, misleading manipulation and more and then want you to resist the temptation, look for answers, question events and if you fail to move in the right direction and this is where WE FAIL MISERABLY, they punish you to the point that they will kill you, or allow you to be destroyed by some incurable disease and even let you live a long life in continuous pain. Not a good idea to fall out of grace with this characters!

We will unveil other details, of this monumental discovery shortly. We will also unveil tests and exercises to uncover Their plan for your life

 How to start your new life:

Understand the sleep test and work hard at it, even if it may take a few days to be able to defeat the lifelong bad habits, you’ll see results immediately.

 Start a new eating regime that must be customized accordingly to your body’s reactions to the different foods. 

This are the basics:

NO ANIMAL DERIVED FOODS –no meat, no dairy!
There is a reason why we can’t eat meat raw and why we are a sick race! Look up Bernando Lapallo and see for yourself what a better diet can do for you. Even if Bernando fails in one area, what the use of glasses shows being the result of too much sugar/GI rich foods.

This was the part harder for me to solve — along with sleeping, as I had a diet of several pounds of fruit a day — along with veggies and some meat and  couldn’t understand why I was showing signs of a bad diet.

 Eat balanced with emphasis on salads, vegetables and grains, use potatoes as a filler, not bread.
Rice, some starches and gluten rich foods will raise your GI, because they aren’t approved — avoid or minimize their consumption.

No scavenger toxic sea-food and stay away from too much spices and greasy items.

Eat as fresh as possible, no liquid food — you must salivate the food you eat, not just swallow it.  

Drink only water, preferably from well or spring. Orange juice, or other natural unsweetened fresh juice maybe 2x  a week, paying attention to the sugar intake, that should stay below 60 grams or so a day. Wine depending on the reaction, every other day one glass.

No dirty water, sodas, beer or other garbage.

 Clean your act at everything you do, remember you’re being watched and scored continuously. Stay humble, but strong and truthful and life will be more fun than you thought possible.

 Have your approved partner following a similar regime and all based on continuous tests, to customize it to your personal needs. it’s crucial you understand that your wife or husband must be approved, not stolen, temporary, or mistreated and all sexual contact must be natural for it to be approved, otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and setting yourself up for failure.  

They have designed us one way and you better respect that, or suffer the consequences. Sex is a test and a very serious one, with serious consequences if you fail and great rewards if you pass.

 Start simple exercises to talk and listen to your Guest/s.

Try to listen to your thoughts and try to have a silent thought/conversation with yourself, once you achieve this, you’re actually talking to HIM.

Listen and examine everything your mind/HIM tells you, somethings aren’t  to be consumed and are tests.

You can try this anywhere regardless if you’re meditating at night in bed, during the first hours of the morning, when he usually helps you plan the day if you passed the sleep test, or anytime during the day.

Talk back, ask questions, have fun and if you’re on good terms with Them, He will answer some of your more detailed questions and even let you know some of the future things to come.

 Never jump to anything your mind tells you immediately, examine everything with a magnifier for clues that it may be a set-up for failure. If it’s something important for you and you’ve passed the different tests, He will push it on you continuously and it’s always a good thing.

 If you’re taking any food supplements throw them away. If you’re taking medicine start cutting back on it, because soon you won’t need none of it.

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