All you need to know about sleeping


Bad sleep is the cause of most of the premature aging we all experience!
If you have too much wrinkles, sagging skin, double chin, crows feet, premature gray hair,  wrinkled and thin skin on your hands, it is all due to bad sleep.
most aging occurs in areas that are very visible and where they have a more dramatic/shameful impact on us and that by design to make you think, get mad and look for the problem! Unfortunately most are too dumb and are too busy chasing their tails, too even realize that!
It gets even worst, as problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and other neurological problems, are also due to bad sleep (they can easily be reversed with a good sleep pattern).

►Sleep is mostly a ridiculous test and one of the hardest to pass. There is a reason why if you oversleep you look tired and you will actually age faster and you will have a lot of negative energy if you get up late every day.  They make it hard to get up because they are testing you and your will. They usually want you to get up once you wake up.

Dreams are just them playing with us.
If you haven’t passed the tests, those dreams can be harassing nightmares and if you have those early in the morning, it’s because you should have got up already.
Once you pass those tests, dreams become always good/neutral, if you have them at all!


Dreams are not your mind wondering, as if it wouldn’t need to rest too.  “Evolution”, they say!

What about those dreams about locations you never been to, or seen, or that don’t even exist, or about things you’ve never experienced?  Maybe your mind goes places without you, or has been here before with another body, like some spiritual fools claim!!

What about nightmares, maybe your mind likes to harass you and doesn’t even like you, imagine that?

What about sleep walking? Can your mind control you without your consent?

What about stress, depression or suicidal thoughts, is that your mind sabotaging itself?

Wouldn’t your mind want you to live longer and be the best you can be, so it could enjoy it better if it had evolved so much?  And you call yourselves, “scientists”!….More like JACKASS SCIENCE!

Ever wonder why do you awake in the morning looking tired with puffy eyes?  When you’re supposed to have been resting and recharging your system., THAT DROWSY FEELING WHEN YOU WAKE UP IS ANOTHER TEST, THAT YOU MUST FORCE YOURSELF OUT OF BED TO PASS.

Sometimes you wake up looking and feeling more tired than when you went to bed — the explanations for such illogical  events are out of this world too!

Most of the premature aging many suffer, is the result of not understanding how the aliens use sleep to test and  even punish us. But you bad diet, using drugs and other unapproved uses of your body and even failing in other areas, can have similar results.

There is also a reason why you can’t sleep, even when you’re tired —  you’re doing something wrong, somewhere down the line!

Sleep is the most important test, because if you fail at it, all others tests are harder and almost impossible to pass.

It’s very important to get up early and to get up when He awakes you up, regardless of  the hour — AND IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO GET UP AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP, BELIEVE IT OR NOT

This is a test that many successful people already practices well, even not knowing why it works. When you start the day early, very early, you will have a long, but otherwise good, productive day.  But if you over sleep, or just sleep more than what He decides you should, you’ll look tired, age prematurely, and will have a less productive, more challenging day, that may even seem longer.

The hours are going to be different from one to another, but going to bed earlier will help you getting up earlier.  If you’re a little drowsy, you can always take a nap after lunch, something that seems to be approved, but it will all depend of what they require out of you and by examining the results of the different scenarios, you can really get to the right solution for your case.

The right sleeping has never being practiced by anyone, as it is stupid and illogical! They actually want to to stay out of bed certain hours of the night, for what they will wake you up at a certain hour to see if you understand that it is a test –usually they will make us go pee and we all think that it was the reason we woke-up, when it was to stay up for 2-3 hours before going back to bed to wrap it up.

This seems to be one of the ways to sleep right, the other going to bed late and getting up the first time you wake up and for good.

And if that wasn’t already confusing, they will change the rules once in awhile to keep you on your toes!

The hours between 12AM and 2AM are the worst and you need to stay out of bed during those hours –better yet, test the hours , because it may even be 12 to 3.30 to some of you!

If you don’t pass the first test of the day, you have little chance of passing all others. That positive energy that seems to follow those that already practice getting up early, is just Him/Them, opening the doors for you!

They can make it really hard to get up, but take it as a test and it will go away at some point and many other things will get better because of it. This is one of the reasons why they say the game it’s easy, we are the ones that complicate it, by failing to understand it!

Dreams are  just movies He plays, for some crazy reason, that may just be to kill is free boring time. But can be to harass and punish you, reveal you something, or manipulate you in a certain direction.

It’s interesting how He will give you bad dreams to make you get up and it’s even more interesting, when you understand the game and He doesn’t bother you much with them and will even stop giving you dreams, or just give you good ones; and those dreams can get so real, that you think you’re there — some real 4D experiences.