All you need to know about SEX!



Sex can be fun and rewarding when done with the right partner and when you have a good diet and a good sleep pattern!
It doesn't matter how good you look, how athletic you are, how smart and rich you are --don't pass the eating and sleep tests and your sex life is a joke and embarrassing, as a punishment!

A healthy person with good positive energy has sex regularly — everyday and it is always great and fun!

Many resort to gimmicks, elaborate warm-ups , many positions, pills, some use gadgets and so on, what is all because they don't have what it takes -- because they failed the tests.

Good sex doesn’t need special aids or special actions –all it needs is passion, knowledge of what both partners want/like and active participation of both partners. Good sex is like the sex you dreamed of when you were young and it is always like that — even better if you play the game properly! In a good sexual relationship both partners always experience an orgasm at least, every time they have sex.

Those that don't have the above mentioned sex, are losing at the game of life --and it is not because they don't have what it takes -- it is because they don't do what it takes!

There is a reason why humans are the only animals that have sex for fun!

It’s a reward if you do it right and a way to test you in one more area –besides being a way to have the “stupid humans” raise the next batch of victims. Those special feelings of being a parent are there to fool you –you had nothing to do with the birth of that creature at all, they used you!

Many fail the test and fall for all types of perversions and stupid little tricks -- all done by the aliens,  leading them to be punished and having miserable sexual lives.

It is just too easy for them to give you stupid thoughts, stupid temptations and to shut down your sexual abilities at will. When you have failed the tests, they basically do to you whatever they want!

Homosexuality is a punishment and a cruel one beyond belief. They will make it feel good and appear to be a natural tendency that you can’t get away from! They will laugh about it, and entertain themselves seeing how stupid you really are for accepting such bullshit!

They will punish your son/daughter because you where an asshole in their eyes — failed the tests, or they will give you the disease/addiction if you fall for the temptation they gave you at a certain point. Some disease like herpes work this way!
It works like an addiction — fall for it, or just try it and it will stick to you, and will never leave you unless you beat the tests, or they feel you already paid enough price, or see that you tried enough to get away from it. This is why some addictions can go away in an instant — all they have to do is to remove it.

And the assholes in science buy into the idea that our body has evolved, evolved so much that it will impose habits/addictions that are bad for us and will lead to our destruction — this is stupid and impossible, how could our body evolve outside our will, outside of a need and do it without our consent or will — can one get any dumber??

Have sex with your partner as much as you want, but stay away from unnatural sex and stay away from stupid fantasies, because if you pass the tests and do it right, it is always good and fun!