All you need to know about nutrition

Nutrition along with sleep are the most important actions you take during your life and the ones that define who you are, how healthy and happy you are and how long you live!

This are the basics:

Eat one time a day and have one snack. do not eat too early in the morning , or too late at night.
We only need so much food to function properly and the less we eat the better for our body. They can also make you gain weight even if you don’t eat much, as they can also make you skinny even if you eat a lot and all due to you failing the tests.

AVOID ANIMAL DERIVED FOODS — no meat, no dairy! The body will tolerate some meat and some dairy but do not abuse it. Salmon seems to be one of the few animal foods one can eat once in awhile/regularly.
There is a reason why we can’t eat meat raw and why adult cows do not drink milk ,–why is this even complicated?
Those are facts and the stupid science should have been able to figure that out — if they weren’t more interested in making money and supporting the drug and junk food cartels!!
Look up Bernando Lapallo and see for yourself what a better diet can do for you. Even if Bernando fails in one area, what the use of glasses shows being the result of too much sugar/GI rich foods.


This was the part harder for me to solve — along with sleeping, as I had a diet of several pounds of fruit a day — along with veggies and some meat and  couldn’t understand why I was showing signs of a bad diet.

 Eat balanced, with emphasis on salads, vegetables and grains, use potatoes as a filler, not bread.
Rice, some starches and gluten rich foods will raise your GI, because they aren’t approved — avoid or minimize their consumption.

No scavenger toxic sea-food and stay away from too much spices and greasy items.

Eat as fresh as possible.

No liquid food — you must salivate the food you eat, not just swallow it. Some raw smoothies are good for you, if you chew  instead of just swallowing them –you can use them as a snack/supplement.  

Drink only water, preferably from well or spring. Orange juice, or other natural unsweetened fresh juice maybe 2x  a week, paying attention to the sugar intake, that should stay below 60 grams or so a day. Wine depending on the reaction, every other day one glass.

No dirty water, sodas, beer or other garbage.