About me:

I claim to have solved the great mystery of life, something that the supposed great minds of today and past haven't been able to even come close to!
And I didn't pull my theories out of a hat, or tried to find/fabricate evidences to support my preconceived ideas, like most in the scientific community or in the alternative research world!
All my findings are based on real investigations, logic and by following scientific methods. All done without much support -- besides a collaborator, that I used in tests and to verify my conclusions.

It will be easy to discredit me as just another creative clown --after all, there are plenty of them with baseless theories, the problem is that my theory can actually be verified by anyone that is willing to do a proper investigation and has some problem solving abilities and my theory also explains all aspects of our life and world!
I also have  more research work and other projects that can atest to my problem solving abilities!
From Nutrition that I have researched for over 30 years and  have allowed me to never get sick and have more energy than most; to fitness where I have a power development system based on Isometrics and plyometrics one step above anyone else; to home construction where my designs are the safest in the world; to a safe car that would save 90% of lives and injuries, compared to the junk we are forced to drive; to my political plan that is one step above most others and will be the future of politics at some point!

When I went into religion/spirituality/super-natural,  I didn't believe in a real God or that anything was there, besides a lot of imagination and some bad opportunistic people. My attitude going in was simple, I will go where evidences lead me and if there is a God I want to find out who he is and serve him --  if that's his desire, or get to the bottom of the all thing or die trying!
That is why, when I found evidences for a supernatural creature called Jesus, I decided to become a Christian full time and a missionary/ pastor and more. What allowed me to experience a myriad of supernatural events --- from signs --- that I received, to perform miracles, interact with the supposed spirits, demons, angels and "have"some super-powers, all the way to experience the unbelievable power of knowing some of the things to come in prophecy.
All of them to find out later, that they were there to fool and test me, in an unbelievable game of hide and seek, created by a super-race in a parallel dimension and to be used as a stepping stone, to understand the great mystery of our life!!

Laugh all you want, but if you don't get it yet, keep searching and if you have the guts to take the right steps, you'll eventually get to the same conclusions!!
The hardest part in the all process is that we don't control our mind and are very easy to manipulate/convince by those that created us anyway they want -- and on top of that, they want you to follow some steps to be able to raise your awareness, at what point they will reveal to you parts of the mystery  and expect you to put it all together!! I don't pretend to be smarter than some of you, I just took the right steps, had the right attitude and had a diet that allowed me to free some of my brain  power! The reason why some really smart people such as Newton, Tesla, etc., never got close to the truth, was because they didn't took the right steps and wanted to do it their way!!

I have spent a lifetime researching the truth. Started by trying to understand what foods are we suppose to eat and why, what took me to try most diets. Even if I never really never understood it completely, at least it allowed me to never get sick and understand that there is a relationship between nutrition and being healthy.Even if I never really cared for Spirituality or human psychology, I always felt there was something strange beyond my control influencing negatively my life, what lead me to start looking for answers and question reality. At some point I came across  a person (a psychic) that claimed He could tell the future and help anyone to eliminate negative influences from their life.
From meeting with that supposed person/psychic, to verifying some of his powers, to wanting to learn more and getting involved with it,  to realize that it all seemed an evil plan to drag one into a dead end game by some invisible power, it made me wanting to know more and decide that I had to get to the bottom of it or die trying.
After realizing it was a dead end trap, I started looking for other Ultra-dimensional manifestations what lead me to religion and to meet a Christian group that had powers I had never seen or heard about.
At that point I decided to become one of them full time and started an unbelievable journey that made me experience miracles, speaking in tonges, exorcisms,  super-powers, direct contacts with super-natural creatures  and more. When you get to a certain level you can interact with the so called Holly Spirit on a one on one basis, as if someone was there with you full time, someone that talks and listens to you just like a regular person and pretends to be a God like character.
I was a TRUE Christian for 5 years and in the first  year of reading the bible several times, I already knew that this was more complex than it looked and most people were either too dumb, or being mislead by an exterior power, because they weren't getting it properly! Protestants couldn't be Christians if the bible was true, much less Catholics, or other sects like the Mormons, what made no sense to me in the beginning as this was basic understanding.
After 3 years I was questioning everyone, from evangelical and Pentecostal pastors, to those that helped me getting involved and soon I was calling everyone liars, that not only were lying to others , but were also living a lie and making excuses for it --- and all based on biblical text.
After 5 years it was apparent that I was lying too and something didn't make sense, so I stopped all my practices and started trying to make sense of what I had experienced and went into an investigating mode  -- questioning what others were experiencing, what they were hiding and why!
After 3 more years, it was clear to me, that whoever was behind the all thing, was leaving clues everywhere and wanted us to follow them in what appeared to be a puzzle of a lot of clues, that  we were supposed to put together!
And that's what I started doing and I started interacting with the so called Holly Spirit in different ways and making a lot of experiments and tests -- some painful and frustrating.  At the end of the 8th year I knew that the Bible was only a game and a test  and it took me 2 more years to finally understand what the rules were and why!  This was truly a scientific research, with results that can be duplicated by anyone that has courage and wants to know the truth.
 In those first 5 years Did this:
Baptized a few dozen people
Gave away all my possessions.
Visited the poor and needy sometimes daily and used to drive many hours every week to go help the homeless in Tijuana - Mexico.
 Preached in the streets of various countries.
Used to pray several hours a day.
Studied the bible sometimes 15  hours a day, fasted 3 or more days a week ---  sometimes 7/8 days no food or water. Did many miracles, some well documented with witnesses.
 Called many people liars and  was thrown out of several churches.
Got expelled from a radio station for attacking the Catholics.
Got sued 2 times.
 Built, or help build a couple of churches.
Use to speak in tongues sometimes hours in a row.
Threw a pastor to the floor in the middle of a service in a spiritual face off,  just by using words.
 Studied the bible in several versions, read many books about the existing manuscripts.
I used to speak to what I thought was the Holly Spirit, like I speak to another person and still today I speak with the Alien within me like speaking to another human, cursing and all, in a silent dialogue in the mind -- but he can make his voice audible if he wants too.
Had the experience of leaving the body, or feeling like it and  going to this out of this world place.
Once they showed me two sets of eyes looking at me, one from my friend and one semi transparent from one of them. I was physically attacked  several times and immobilized on the floor by them and my arms wrapped around my body and couldn't defend myself -- once my own hand attacked me in front of witnesses and cut me in a lot of places with a Grinder.
Once one of them materialized right in front of me and when I realized that it couldn't be a human and was going to jump him literally, he vanished right before my eyes.
Another time I was with someone given him a ride and suddenly he changed his voice and attacked me, I almost crashed and after a short fight and using the words of the bible " in the name of Jesus" he passed out for awhile. And when he come to his senses was very surprised and apologetic, wondering why he did that.
Participated in many exorcisms, or demonic expulsions, with many of those people having a severe change in behavior after that, showing that something or someone had left their body, or pretended to. Of course it was all for show and that force would eventually come back, or manifest itself again ( because in reality it never left). Sometimes the same bad influence would come back, or sometimes a different kind of problem.
I have also seen many times the incredible miracle/show of new golden teeth appearing on someone's mouth out of nowhere, something you can do a web search on.
All of this and much more in those short 5 years and if you have the guts to do what i did, you can experience something similar.
On top of all of that I investigated psychics, voodoo, and other spiritual manifestations before becoming a Christian and some powers are there too, to fool those that practice, or seek those ridiculous practices.
 Before you attempt to challenge my findings, please do your home work, i'm not in this for personal gain and all  want is the truth, nothing else.  I  will change my opinion in the spot, if I can be proved wrong, but I only want to know the facts and the truth!
What have you done?